Hi there, I’m Sally. I’m an avid cook, baker, and traveler. I’m documenting my notes and staying creative every day. Welcome to my passion project!

on food

I’m a decent cook and a pretty damn good baker, if I say so myself. You’ll find recipes, how-to’s, and notes that I’ve put together for myself.

Things I like: inexpensive recipes, healthy recipes, good ingredients, pho, everything chocolate, peanut butter, brunch, food science, making things from scratch

Things I do not like: recipes that require intensive labor, fancy pants ingredients that I can’t pronounce

on travel

I love travel. I love planning. I love planning travel.

I’ll be sharing more about my own adventures and will be putting together some how-to’s on the places I’ve been. You’ll also meet Matt, my personal outdoorsman and adventure guide extraordinaire, in these posts.

& more

I currently shoot on an…

iPhone 7 …but hopefully that will change over time as I learn more about photography!

I also dabble in hand lettering, sketching, and everything else that my artistic friends inspire me to try. Posts on this will also appear every so often.

Thanks for stopping by!